Module Summary

This module is designed to equip learners with effective strategies for business development, emphasizing the importance of leveraging tangents within this process. Business development is a multifaceted endeavor, and this module offers insights and actionable steps to navigate it successfully. Participants will gain an understanding of when and how to become strategic recruiters to add lasting value to talent acquisition. They will also explore innovative approaches to identifying potential clients, including companies in the early stages that may not actively advertise job postings. By mastering these strategies, participants will enhance their recruitment capabilities and increase their chances of success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the significance of outreach messages in client acquisition.
  • Implement strategies for crafting personalized, unique, and transparent outreach messages.
  • Pitch themselves or their services effectively in outreach messages.
  • Showcase their success through testimonials, recommendations, or write-ups.
  • Tailor outreach messages to specific scenarios, including new potential clients, existing clients, and job postings.
  • Create compelling calls to action and demonstrate availability for further discussions.


  • Where to find potential clients 
  • Biz dev tangents 
  • Outreach message examples 

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