Module Summary

The module is dedicated to developing effective client management skills essential in the field of talent acquisition. Participants will learn how to establish and nurture client relationships, ensuring successful partnerships. This module covers essential aspects, including thorough preparation for client interactions, conducting impactful client calls, utilizing comprehensive client intake templates, and confidently negotiating fee agreements. By mastering these skills, participants will enhance their ability to serve both clients and candidates, ultimately elevating their success as recruiters.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the significance of client relationship management in talent acquisition.
  • Demonstrate thorough preparation before client interactions, including research and active listening.
  • Conduct client calls with professionalism, providing value, asking insightful questions, and maintaining enthusiasm.
  • Develop and implement follow-up plans to nurture client relationships and ensure timely communication.
  • Create and utilize comprehensive client intake templates to gather essential information about a client's organization.
  • Effectively negotiate fee agreements with clients, adhering to industry standards and terms of agreement.
  • Apply a client-centric approach in all client communications, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.


  • How to Prepare Before Your 1st Client Call 
  • How to Nail Your Client Call 
  • Client Intake Template 
  • How to Negotiate a Fee Agreement 

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