Module Summary

This module explores the critical phase of the recruitment process where recruiters must finalize the candidate's decision to accept an offer. This module covers various aspects of closing, including preparing candidates for final interviews, presenting job offers confidently, negotiating effectively, and employing diverse closing techniques. The goal is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully guide candidates toward accepting offers and creating a positive candidate experience, regardless of the final outcome.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the closing phase in recruitment and its impact on the candidate experience.
  • Effectively prepare candidates for final interviews, ensuring they are ready and confident.
  • Present job offers with confidence, emphasizing the candidate's potential impact on the company.
  • Navigate negotiations with candidates, focusing on creative problem-solving and maintaining a calm and professional demeanor.
  • Utilize a variety of closing techniques, such as the assumptive close, Ben Franklin close, emotional close, and more, to secure candidate acceptance.
  • Adapt closing strategies based on candidate motivations and unique circumstances.
  • Create a positive and supportive candidate experience throughout the closing process.

Lessons Covered:

  • Conversation Before the Final Round Interview 
  • How to Present an Offer 
  • How to Negotiate an Offer for Your Candidate 
  • Different Closing Techniques

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